Thai Red Cargo Rice

Thai Red Cargo Rice

Thai Red Cargo Rice Description (Thai Red Rice)

Thai Red Cargo Rice is a variety of non-glutinous long-grain rice, related to brown rice, in that it is simple rice, merely the color of the fiber is purple, maroon or red. Only the shells of the rice grains are detached through the milling procedure, recalling all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals entire in the bran cover and in the kernel.

Thai Red Cargo Rice is a worthy cause of riboflavin (vitamin B), thiamin (vitamin B), iron, fiber and calcium. The taste of baked thai red cargo rice is usually extra sweet-smelling and nutty, and the rice becomes more hard to chew than normal white polished rice. Thai Red Cargo Rice takes time-consuming to cook than normal white rice, but not so long as the brown rice takes.

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Specifications of Thai Red Cargo Rice

  • Texture: Soft
  • Kind: Brown Rice
  • Variety: Long Grain Rice
  • Color: Red
  • Moisture: 14% Max
  • Admixture: 2% Max
  • Style : Dried
  • Cultivation Type : Organic
  • Crop Year : 2012-2013
  • Place of Origin : Thailand
  • Payment Terms: : L/C / TT
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Tons Per Month
  • Supply Ability: : 1000 Tons / Month

Packaging & Delivery Detail

  • Packing

    : We Pack Our Product in 50 KG Plastic bags or As Per Customer Requirement

  • Delivery

    : Will be finalize within 15-30 Days After Receiving Payment

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