Parboiled Japonica Rice

Parboiled Japonica Rice 2

Parboiled Japonica Rice Description (Japonica Round Rice)

Parboiled Rice Thailand is one of the foremost Manufacturers, Exporter and Supplier of Parboiled Japonica Rice. Our Company is providing complete range of Parboiled Rice’s Verities to our customers including Parboiled Japonica Rice. We also organically cultivate Parboiled Japonica Rice by consuming inorganic rich fertilizers. Parboiled Japonica Rice grows in Thailand, and supplied by us all to our world-wide customers. The Parboiled Japonica Rice is known globally for its good alluring flavor and taste.

Parboiled Rice Thailand is Exporting high quality of Parboiled Japonica Rice from Thailand. You can purchase the best quality rice at economical price from us. Parboiled Rice Thailand is a renowned Parboiled Rice Exporter from Bangkok Thailand.

Specifications of Parboiled Japonica Rice / Japonica Rice

  • Variety: Long Grain Rice
  • Broken : 100% Max
  • Moisture: 14.5% Max
  • Admixture: 1% Max
  • Damaged kernels : 0.50% Max
  • Yellow kernels: 6% Max
  • Red/red streaked kernel : 8% Max
  • Milling Degree: Well Milled
  • Crop Year : 2012-2013
  • Paddy (grain per 1 kg.): 20 Grains
  • Place of Origin : Vietnam
  • Payment Terms: : L/C / TT
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Tons Per Month
  • Supply Ability: : 1000 Tons / Month

Packaging & Delivery Detail

  • Packing

    : We Pack Our Product in 50 KG Plastic bags or As Per Customer Requirement

  • Delivery

    : Will be finalize within 15-30 Days After Receiving Payment

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