About Parboiled Rice Thailand

We Parboiled Rice Thailand

are supplying internal and globally food manufacturers, exporters, private retailers and suppliers with premium class Thai rice under other private brands through our group since 1980’s.

Parboiled Rice Thailand is a group of millers-owned rice selling association with corporate offices in Bangkok, Thailand. Our rice milling & manufacturing services are adjacent to the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) and other key parts of rich lands where rice grows lavishly.

As rice industry leaders, we are keen to develop our production, milling and marketing programs that guarantee a safe supply of quality rice for our consumers, a cost-effective return on your investments made by our member growers, and a responsible method to the overall impact our business executes on our environment.

Our Capacity

We Parboiled Rice Thailand as a group of companies do hold the capacity of exporting rice and sugar from few containers to bulk loads minimum of 50K Mts. Our milling capability is much greater than the export capability. We are speedy in loading massive quantities to any ports of the world where there are vast demands for consumption.

Our Clients

Parboiled Rice Thailand maintains its modest edge because it spends time and funds in its business and creates long term relationships with its customers/clients. The difference in the quality of Parboiled Rice Thailand products that are used in manufactured food products and for the direct consumption, together with the total service, Parboiled Rice Thailand provides to its customers/Clients, is known both locally and worldwide.