Quality Control

We (Parboiled Rice Thailand Co., Ltd)

processed Extreme delicate raw materials for the rice processing in our mill, therefore the procedures used are totally advanced and technologically, and extremely specializing. These are crucial conditions to guarantee that the quality of rice that comes from Parboiled Rice Thailand will be at the highest level.

At Parboiled Rice Thailand We trust that it is our responsibility to guarantee our customers/clients very high excellence standard of our rice production, also make a continuing effort to guarantee the sensible prices, as well as to carry out our Customers orders correctly and to deliver without delays.

We are loyal to making a role to the community we live and work, determined every day to manufacture better products for our customers, with more care, both from the view of microbiological and hygiene the profile.

This is our philosophy that we struggle daily to follow to serve our customers with regard, which has made Our Group the respective firm world-wide in the sector of rice production.